Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Law of Attraction!

A few years ago, I ask the Great Void to make me busy!

Now I'm asking it to give me a break!!

For two years now, I've had my plate full without a single day to claim for my own work. I manage a couple of hours here and there to doodle down an idea, work in my sketchbook or design a simple ACEO card, but not enough juicy time to really finish an intricately composed piece of work.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that I'm this busy and having art directors seek me out for stuff that I really enjoy doing, but I whenever I look at unfinished ideas pinned to my cork board, I start wishing that I could afford the time to stop working on my client's work and finish one of doodles.

I really do miss working on my own stuff.

So this blog was created to help me kick my behind and finish works that are long over due. My plan for this task is to post images of the work in progress. Hoping that getting comments and suggestions will intrigue me to force the time into my schedule personal work in.

So I'll start with this one:

"She Travelled by Catfish" was an idea that came up years ago. I never finished it until I got an email by a buyer wanting me to finish it.
Well I did and it turned out horrible! (This is the under drawing). So she asked me to do it over and she'll wait for it. Well, she's still waiting.
So I'll re-tweak the under drawing and digitally paint it.
I think..........

I'll keep you posted!

Om Shanti Everyone!
~Pat Ann~