Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recent Doodles

I do a lot of drawing that has no background idea.  They just come out right then and there.  (Actually, I think I do that more than anything else.  Perhaps I should call the sketchbook that I'm planning on publishing this year "Spontaneity!")
These are not finished for a reason.  I would like to finish them with colour.  So I just pin them on my board till I get the inspiration to add colour to them.


'Night Watch'

'The Bribe'


James Weatherhill said...

My wife and I are AMAZED at the Life
that you breathe into your work!
Even in your 'doodles' there's a whispered invitation written in the curve of every characters smile ~ and a light that flashes behind every eye ~ lending warmth and lighting the way for our hearts' aging imagination.

Shadow Bird said...

Thank you James and Wife! I just took a quick peek over at your blog and amazed at the beauty of you acrylic landscapes.
Definitely, I'll be a regular visitor to your blog.

(BTW: your cheques in the post! ;) )

Larry MacDougall said...

What lovely drawings ! I think Night Watch is my favourite.

Tasli Shaw said...

Wonderful work. Your majestic birds are so striking next to these elegant females. Its so whimsical, each image has a feeling of enchantment. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for more :)