Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's get the Imagination Nurons Connecting!

For this year's Christmas Card, I decided to create an illustration that might make one ask why is there a unicorn with it's horn lopped off and pitched in the snow?
Well, if you do think that, perhaps you could share what you think the story's all about here in the comments!
Have fun!

Wishing everyone the best for the holidays!!
~Pat Ann~


Craig Phillips said...

What a great piece for a card. So refreshing after all the Santa's Reindeers and christ in a manger cads.

Beautiful! Merry xmas to you and Larry! Cant wait to see what you put out in 2010.

Nesca said...

Awww... so beautiful..... i am in love with this image... totaly magical.... and they look like if they brought the most precious things they had as a gift, unicorn gave away his precious horn. Well. it will grow back so no worries :)

love it !

Merry Christmas !

Emma said...

Gorgeous image! Thank you for sharing. :)

Happy holidays!

Sab said...

Very beautiful what you make ! ^_^