Monday, March 15, 2010

Mindless March!

There are times when I sketch, I do so with no incentive to achieve anything other than to scribble in a sketchbook. When I do this, ninety percent of these mindless doodles go nowhere and are not what I would consider worth anything. However sometimes, a doodle comes up that is worth pursuing and I will take it, clean it up and colour it in.
There is one of those little semi-precious stones amongst the rubble that I have attached with this blog post.
Can you guess which one I'm going to take further?


Anonymous said...

The first or third one :D
But I like all your scribbles - they all have your charm!

Hedvig said...

Wow, your sketches are so inspiring! :) Awesome stuff!

Jay Penn said...

Is it the Satyr boy you're going to take further?

nati said...

Wow, I adore your sketches! As usual they're just so beautiful and well done cute is your new blog layout!