Friday, February 5, 2010

Doodles, Pencil Work and a Wee Test

Being in-between gigs can give me great opportunities to push the boundaries of my skills. Some of you may already know that I go bonkers over beautiful artwork where colour comes secondary to drawing's elegance. However, if the colour looks poorly planned, it can upstage line and ruin the whole message.
I apply this philosophy to my own work and doing so keeps me on my toes with constant improvement.
Right now I'm intrigued by combining coloured pencil with odorless mineral spirits and using that technique with limited watercolour. I have already worked up a wee test doodle using coloured pencil, odorless mineral spirits and felt tip pen(the little bird above), but I want to try it with pencil under a light watercolour wash. So I doodled up the two below for a second and a third test and if this works, I'll use this technique with the finished drawing at the bottom!

So wish me luck!!!!


Jennifer Kearney said...

good luck, hope it works for you! btw, how are you using the mineral spirits with the colored pencil?

Sab said...

wonderful !^_^

Shadow Bird said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have been playing with the idea of 'painting with colour pencil and mineral spirits for a quite a long time now. My method would be to use a paintbrush dipped in the spirits however I found a brush can leave too much on the paper and after leaving the work for a few days for it to dry out, I never really liked the results.
Then I stumbled across this YouTube video for coloured pencils and mineral spirits for rubber stamp work. I wasn't interested in the rubber stamping part, but it gave me the idea for trying this technique again. Though now only for art that measures less than 8.5 by ll inches and using stumps instead of brushes.
Here's the video:

Thanks Jennifer and Sab for the lovely complements!

Craig Phillips said...

I really like that treatment the little bird looks really nice and clean but still full of life. And those sketches are GREAT. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with those!

btw I read your previous post about blogging etc taking up too much valuable creative time. Same here! Its a real time sucker. I try to keep it down too. I was going to join deviant art etc but after reading your post, decided against it. It will only sap more time.I spend enough in eblogger.

Steve Prescott said...

Killer drawings!!! I love that little stork guy!

Raul Avila said...

.WOW! ... excellent construction and expressions

besos raúl