Monday, March 15, 2010

Mindless March!

There are times when I sketch, I do so with no incentive to achieve anything other than to scribble in a sketchbook. When I do this, ninety percent of these mindless doodles go nowhere and are not what I would consider worth anything. However sometimes, a doodle comes up that is worth pursuing and I will take it, clean it up and colour it in.
There is one of those little semi-precious stones amongst the rubble that I have attached with this blog post.
Can you guess which one I'm going to take further?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday, March Ninth, Two Thousand and Ten!

While I was working at the library this afternoon, I looked up from my laptop to look out the window and watch a three crows chase another crow around the library's back garden. They were flying so fast and weaving around the conifers so quickly that I thought to my self the one being chased is going to fly into one of the library windows.
So, as soon as I thought that, sure enough, that crow bashed head first into one of the windows! Fortunately, the crow only received ruffled feathers and probably hurt corvidae pride because it flew away.
And I will try not to premonish while watching birds in flight! :o

One more thing! Even though this happened on the weekend, I am now an official member of CTN! It's a great site full to the brim with magnificent artists! So please, pop on over there and check out Creative Talent Network dot com!!